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Fourth of July is approaching- Leave the Fireworks to the Pro’s

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 As Fourth of July approaches many of us will be enjoying cookouts, picnics, family gatherings, and other outdoor activities. Unfortunately the Fourth of July holiday is also the most dangerous in terms injuries related to illegal fireworks,  In 2006, over 9200 people were treated in Hospital emergency for firework  related injuriesaccording to the National fire Protection Association.  They also report that there are an average of 30,000 fires per year are stated with fireworks, in fact there are twice as many structure fires on July Fourth as there are on any other day of the year. Common firework related injuries include burns, loss of fingers, and  eye injuries.  Remember, FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN MASSACHUSETTS. Possession will result in a fine and a seizure of the fireworks. Sale or possession with intent to sell can result in imprisonment. Leave the fireworks to the professionals- and have a safe Fourth of July.

School Is Out for the Summer…..

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……that means there will be kids walking on the road, riding bikes, playing etc. PLEASE slow down when driving. According to the National Highway Safety Administration,young children and the elderly are the most vulnerable for pedestrian accident related injuries. Based on population, children under the age of 16 years are most likely to be struck by motor vehicles. Speeding is a major contributing factor in motor vehicle accidents of all types and has serious consequences when a pedestrian is involved. At higher speeds, motorists are not as likely to see a pedestrian. At higher speeds, motorists are even less likely to be able to stop in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

4th Annual Lady Warriors/Granby DARE Cheer Camp

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The 2008 Lady Warriors/Sox Dancers

The 4th Annual Cheer Camp sponsored by the semi-pro Cheer and Dance squad, the Lady Warriors and Granby DARE will be held July 23-July 25 at the Granby Jr /Sr High School. Cost for the Camp is $35.00  and the hours are from 8:30 AM to 12 Noon. All girls Grades 3 and up from the surrounding area are invited to attend! Applications can be obtained at and  returned  to Granby  Police Department, 194 W. State Street, Granby MA or they can be obtained on line. Make Checks payable to the Town of Granby

The Lady Warriors  are a Semi Pro Cheer and Dance Squad who perform at the Western Mass Warriors Semi-Pro Football games and at the Holyoke Blue Sox baseball games as the Sox Dancers! In addition  the Lady Warriors/Sox Dancers participate in many community events and non-profit fundraisers.

Granby DARE Basketball Camp

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There are still openings in both sessions of the 14th annual DARE Basketball Camp.

Session 1 is for grades 6 and up  and runs from July 7 - July 11, Session 2 is for Grades 3-6 and runs July 14- July 18. (grades as of September 2008) Grade 6 students can attend either or both sessions!

All players from  the area, male and female, are invited to attend. Fee is $35 ($30 for the second child - same family  and $25  thereafter). Camp runs 9 AM to 3 PM  Daily. Lunches available at a nominal cost. All skill levels welcome.  Applications can be picked up at the Granby Police Department or on line. Checks may be made payable to the Town of Granby  and the forms and payment may be mailed to the Granby Police Department, 194 West State Street Granby MA 01033. Call the Police Department with any questions (413) 467-9222

Road Closing

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On Wednesday June 11, Carver Street will be CLOSED to East bound (from Granby towards Belchertown) traffic from approximately 6:30 AM to 5 PM. One way traffic will be allowed West bound (from Belchertown).

School Buses ONLY will be allowed through. The road closing is due to re-paving. The road will be closed at Lyon Street. Detour signs will be at Chicopee and Carver streets. Please use an alternate route.

Host Liability

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This is the time of year for Graduation parties, cookouts, pool parties etc. Remember that as the ‘host” of the party YOU are responsible for those in attendance. If they consume too much alcohol, YOU could be held responsible for  any adverse results.  Also the Massachusetts General Laws are written in such a manner that the definition of “furnishing” alcohol ( as in furnishing alcohol to a minor) includes allowing persons under age to consume alcoholic beverages on your premises. Therefore if there is a party at your house and minors are there consuming alcohol, YOU CAN BE CHARGED CRIMINALLY! Please be a responssbe host. Do not allow minors to consume alcohol.


Home Security tips

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School is almost out for the summer and that means it is vacation time for many of our residents.  Don’t let your vacation be spoiled by returning home to discover someone has broken into your house while you were away. The Department offers these tips to help protect your home. The chances of your home being broken into do not really increase that much when you are on vacation. Most homes are burglarized during the day time when people are working. Start by securing your home during the day, even when not on vacation. When you do travel:

     1. Put your mail and newspaper deliveries on “hold. Several papers in the driveway, or an overstuffed mailbox are sure signs no one is home.

     2. Put your lights on timers. Lights going on and off in different rooms give the appearance of someone being home.

     3. Leave a radio on, preferably on a talk station. Anyone approching the home will hear voices, and will likely not stay around long enough to determine it is a radio.

     4. Don’t advertise the fact that you are away by leaving a message on your answering machine telling the world you are gone away. Leave a “generic” message such as” we can’t come to the phone right now”.

     5. Park your car in the driveway - or better yet- ask a neighbor to park their car there., That way it will come and go and give the appearance that somone is there.

     6.  Tell your neighbor you are leaving, where you are going, and  how you can  be contacted. Make sure you let them know when you return.

     7. Lock your doors and windows. Set your alarm if you have  one.

     8. Consider storing your valuables and firearms at a secure location.

     9. Record serial numbers of valuable items . Take pictures of them and store these in a separate location such as a safe deposit box.

     10 Take a home inventory and check with your insurance agent to ensure you are fully covered with replacement value in case of fire or theft. Many policies have relatively low ceilings on the amount of valuables so you may have to get a “rider” for jewelry, art work, firearms, etc.

Secure your home - Enjoy Your Vacation!




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TheTown Highway Department will be repairing guardrails around Town this week (June 2 - June 6)

Please slow down and use caution.