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GranbyDARE/Lady Warriors Cheer Camp

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The Fourth annual Cheer Camp co-sponsored by the Granby DARE Program and the Lady Warriors semi-pro Cheer/Dance club is in its second day at the Granby JR/SR High School. The Camp is successful once again this year with over 35 in attendance. Today   Ptl. Kurt Carpenter, the Granby Police Department’s School Resource Officer gave a demonstration with his narcotic detection dog, Ralph.

On Saturday the staff and students will perform at half-time of the MASS STATE WARRIORS Semi-Pro football Team.  The Lady Warriors dance component also performb at the Holyoke Blue Sox semi-pro baseball games. The Police Department would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Lady Warriors Cheer Squad who teach the Camp as a publics service, allowing us to keep the costs low and supplementing our DARE effort. Come support the girls!  

Crime Prevention and (culinary) Tip

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Please be advised that August 8  is National Sneak Zucchini onto your Neighbors porch/car day.Those of you who are “new” to Town may not instantly recognize the seriousness of this offense, but you “locals” know better. Unfortunately  prevention tips are few and far between: You can  lock your doors and windows. Set your car alarm. turn on exterior security lighting- teach your children not to accept packages from strangers - or for that matter friends and relatives if they have or know  someone who has a garden). But in the past these measures have not always been enough.. …

If your prevention efforts fail and you find you have been “zucchinied”  a call to the police is pointless. Most reported cases get ” squashed”.  Short  of having an eye witness (and professional  zucchini droppers are very, very careful)   there are too many suspects to be ”grilled”, and witnesses are very reluctant to become involved.   The State Police Crime Lab refuses cases related to  these  plants unless they amount to a matter of national security or somehow might effect the  presidential election…..  You can always buy a recipe book such as “1001 ways to cook with Zucchini  ( if you can find it in the stores)and learn new zucchini  recipes such as:  ” zucchini okra and tomato medley” .. or …start your own patch and then ….. next year…people will fear YOU!

Please have a safe healthy Summer- I will be out on medical leave for a week or so due to an operation,. so these posts may be sporadic

Chief Barry..

PS  I also have to keep an  an eye on my porch for susipcious zuccini packages……

Burnett Street Closed on Monday

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Burnett Street will be closed from 7am until at least 4pm on Monday July 21 due to re-paving. Please use an alternate route.

New Seat Belt Law in effect

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On July 10 a new seat belt law took effect, raising the age/height requirment of childing required to be in car seats.  According to the executive Office of Public Safety:

Enhanced Child Passenger Safety Law Effective July 10
Will Increase Booster Seat Use

In April 2008, Governor Deval Patrick signed Senate Bill 2018, dubbed the Booster Seat Bill, into law.  This law will go into effect on July 10, 2008.  This enhancement of the Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law requires that all children riding in passenger motor vehicles must be in a federally approved child passenger restraint that is properly fastened and secured until they are 8 years old or over 57” tall.  This will significantly increase the number of children who will be required to ride in a booster seat. 

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division with its partners is working to implement the new child passenger safety law and ensure all children are safer when riding in motor vehicles.  Read the entire article on enhanced CPS safety law…

DARE Camp - week 2

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Week two of the DARE Basketball Camp began Monday with a record 177 players registered.Tomorrow the players will see a demo by Ptl Kurt Carpenter and his narcotic detection dog RALPH, and in the afternoon will feast on watermelons provided by SAPOWSKY FARMS,

Parents are invited to attend Friday after lunch to watch the finals in all competitions and the “awards” ceremony.

14th Annual DARE Basketball Camp opens.

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On Monday,  the Police Department sponsored DARE Basketball Camp  began its 14th session with record attendance. Over 120 youth are registered for week 1 and even more that that for next weeks session for the younger players. No doubt the affordability of the Camp ( $35) and the fact that the kids always have a great time, account for the Camp’s success. The Staff are primarily current and former high school and college athletes. School Resource Officer Carpenter attends  the entire Camp, as does  Director and Southwick  Girls Basketball Coach Mike Gill, who is the Camps Director. This is his tenth year in that position.

Avoiding Summer Scams….

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It is summer time and along with good weather and vacations, it is the season for “summer scams”. Some of the more common involve phony contractors offering to do unsolicited work for a low price. Commons scams include driveway paving, and roofing.  Before you agree to have someone do work for you, ask to see their  contractors license. Get several quotes for the same job from reputable contractors.

Another common scam is for individuals to gain entrance into your house through trick. They may ask to use the phone, or get a drink of water. while you are distracted they, or an accomplice, quickly look for any valuables  left out in the open. Often times  people don’t realize they have been robbed unti it is too late.

Remember if you see spomething suspicious, call the Police Department. That’s why we are here.