On July 10 a new seat belt law took effect, raising the age/height requirment of childing required to be in car seats.  According to the executive Office of Public Safety:

Enhanced Child Passenger Safety Law Effective July 10
Will Increase Booster Seat Use

In April 2008, Governor Deval Patrick signed Senate Bill 2018, dubbed the Booster Seat Bill, into law.  This law will go into effect on July 10, 2008.  This enhancement of the Massachusetts Child Passenger Safety Law requires that all children riding in passenger motor vehicles must be in a federally approved child passenger restraint that is properly fastened and secured until they are 8 years old or over 57” tall.  This will significantly increase the number of children who will be required to ride in a booster seat. 

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division with its partners is working to implement the new child passenger safety law and ensure all children are safer when riding in motor vehicles.  Read the entire article on enhanced CPS safety law…