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Road Closing

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On Friday August 29th the Granby Highway Department will be closing Ferry Hill Road from Rte 202 to Parish Hill from 8 AM until approximately 12 Noon. Please use an alternate route.

Granby PD to take part in Drunk Driving Enforcement Mobilization

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Over the course of the next few weeks, the Granby Police Department will conduct additional patrols as part of the Nationwide Drunk Driving Enforcement Mobilization “Drunk Driving. Over the limit, Under arrest.”.  Extra patrols, targeting drunk drivers and other motor vehicle  infractions, will be paid for through a grant by the Highway Safety Division of the Executive Office of Public Safety.

Is your number up?

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Several years ago the Granby S.A.L.T. (Seniors And Law enforcment Together) began an ambitious house numbering program spearheaded by Chariman Frank Hudgik. This program supplies homeowners with easily read, reflective house numbers, enabling ambulance, fire and police personel to quickly  find addresses when responding to emergencies. This program has proven to be very successful with over 1000  house numbers being installed here in Town. This program has also spread nationwide!

Don Paquette, a senior volunteer, until recently, installed the majority of the signs. The S.A.L.T. Council has now enlisted the aid of the Auxiliary Police Department, who will take over installation.  If you are interested in obtaining a house number, please contact Dianne at he Council of Aging (467-3239).  She will assemble the number and assign it for installation. There is a requested donation of $5.00 which covers the cost of the materials and the sign post.  If you have a house number that has  been damaged  or one that is missing, call for a replacemnt.

Please help emergency responders find you in an emergency by clearly posting your house number!


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It is that time of year- our local black bear population is on the prowl. Recently we have had bear  “sightings” on Amherst Street , Rte 202, School Street, Chicopee Street, Batchelor Street, Harris Street, Carver Street etc. etc. In other words- all over Town.

If you have  a bear in your yard give us a call and stay away from it. Bring children and pets inside. It will most likely move along, unless you have left a “food source” outside for it. Keep your trash secure. Feed your pets indoors, Remove bird feeders until December.

For more information on Black bears and how to deal with them see the Mass Wildife site ” Black Bears in Massachusetts”.

Traffic Advisory

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The Granby Highway Department will be working on South Street the next two days (Wednesday August 13 and Thursday August 14). ALSO they will be milling and patching Crescent  Street and other area roadways. Please slow down for MEN WORKING signs.

Kids/Grandparents Fishing Derby…………

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Teach a child to fish …..and he eats for a lifetime (as the old adage goes). The Granby Council on Aging, the Western Mass Anglers Club the Friends of Granby Elderly and Waste Management are co-sponsoring a  “take your grandchild fishing day” on Sunday September 7, 1008 at Dufresne Park. Everything is included and it is FREE!. The event runs from 9 AM  until 1 PM. There will be food, prizes, and loads of fun for all. Contact the Council on Aging (467-3239) to sign up. Everything you need is provided free of charge - bring your grandchild and have a fun day of fishing!

Granby S.A.L.T. Council

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15 years ago  David Lloyd, representing the Northwest District Attorney’s office, met with Chief Barry, Frank Hudgik, Betty Innocent, and a few others, to discuss a new concept- S.A.L.T. Councils. The idea was to combine Law Enforcement ( Police/District Attorney’s/Sheriffs along with Senior Citizens and Protective Services to form a ” TRIAD” . These groups would meet and discuss ways that Law Enforcement could help Senior Citizens. Granby’s S.A.LT. Council was  “born ” at this meeting.  Our first project was to  determine how the Police could best serve out seniors. We quickly learned ( via a survey) that the Senior population was happy with the service provided by the Police - BUT - they felt they no longer ” knew ” them. SO- we held our first ” Police/ Senior cookout ” at Dufresne Park.- 100 Seniors attended and we had a great time.

This, as you know, has become an annual event, with over 160 meals served this year! But - the S.A.L.T. Council is more than just a cookout. Under the guidance of Chairman Frank Hudgik they have undetaken a house numbering project that helps Police/ Fire/Ambulance personnel quickly locate addresses. This is somehow ironic in that a program designed to help Seniors  ( S.A.L.T.) took on a project which helps  First Responders!. This program - started here in Granby- has now spread NATIONWIDE!

More on the house numbering project in a future  post…

Through the District Attorney’s office we also collect used cell phones- they are refurbished and distribted to Senior Citizens FREE of charge - they are programmed only to dial 9-1-1. If you need one contact Dianne at the COA - if you have an old one you don’t use, please consider donating it and we will have it re-furbished and put to good use. They can be dropped off at the COA.

Right now the S.A.L.T. Council needs VOLUNTEER members. We meet once a month. There is not a lot involved - mostly we need your IDEAS  and input. If you are interested call Dianne at the COA ( 447-3239) or Chief Barry at the Police Department ( 467-9222).

 We need you help to keep the S.A.L.T. Council going!



News reports..

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indicate  a “Granby High  Grad”  was involved in Stroudsburg Peneylvania rape/kidnapping where he exchanged shots with police officers, This individual  attended Granby High for only one year. He apparently lived here in a foster home. He had no record with thie Granby Police  Department.