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U.S. Census Starting April 1

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Commencing April 1, 2009 through July 2009, the United States Census Bureau workers will be going door-to-door conducting the 2010 census. All census workers will  have Official identification and GPS units.  Fell free to call the Department to verify that census workers are in the area, should you have any concerns over their identification.

Storm causes road closing - power outage

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The rain from last nights thunderstorm apparently triggered a rock slide on Amherst St. in the vicinity of Aldrich Lake. Amherst Street was closed at 2 AM for approximately one hour while Highway Department members cleared the roadway.

A lightning strike on South Street also caused a power outage when a line snapped.The effect of the power outage was scattered throughout that part of Town. At least one residence suffered electrical appliance damage from the power surge.

Beware: Bears are active again

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We are beginning to get reports about bears being active. Please take down your bird feeders, secure your trash, and feed pets indoors. If you remove their food source the bears will stay in the woods where they belong. If you do encounter a bear, back off and stay away. If  it is in a heavily populated area call the Police Department. usulayy if left alone they will head back into the woods, partucularly if there is no food supply. See these tips from the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  If a bear is seen near a bus stop when children are due to be picked up or dropped off, please notify us and we willtry to  keep a car in the area.

Insurance Commissioner Reverses Stance on elimination of surcharge hearings

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According to an article in the Boston Globe, the Insurance Commissioner has reversed her stance on eliminating hearings on surcharges imposed by insurance companies. The Commissioner had stated she felt they were no longer necessary due to the deregulation of insurance rates.

reminder : MOVE OVER LAW in effect as of March 22

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Don’t forget- effective March 22 there is a new law requiring that vehicles  move over to allow for the safety of stopped emergency vehicles- as posted last December when the law was passed:

Massachusetts  became one of the last States in the Nation to enact a ” Move Over, Slow Down”  law  pertaining to emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road.

The law requires that vehicles SLOW DOWN when approaching emergency vehicles ( Police cruisers, Ambulances, Fire Equipment, Hghway Department Vehicles, and Wreckers) which are stopped on the side of the road with their emergency lights on. On a roadway with two lanes going the same direction, vehicles are also required to MOVE OVER into the outside lane when approaching these vehicles, if traffic conditions allow.  A violation could result in a $100. fine. Remember, when approaching an emergency vehicle with it’s emergency light activated, MOVE OVER, SLOW DOWN.

Granby SALT Council offers free Dinner/Seminar

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The Granby SALT Council is offerring a FREE dinner/seminar on “REVERSE PARENTING- Important issues for Senior Citizens and their Family”. This Seminar will cover probate issues and other areas of concern for Seniors and their Children. Click HERE for more information.

Stay off the Ice

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Due to the recent warm weather the ice on local ponds is NOT considered safe. Last weekend a tragedy was narrowly avoided when two people fell through. PLEASE don’t take any chances….

Ptl. Poehler wins award

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Granby Officer Gary Poehler recived the  Springfield Chapter of the Exchange Club’s annual Police Officer of the Year Award for helping to save the life of a SABIS HS wrestler.  Ptl. Poehler and Springfield Fireman Miguel DelValle were present when the wrestler was stricken. They immediately utlilized a nearby AED and managed to re-start the young mans heart.  Their immediate attention is credited with saving the young mans life.  The two were honored at a lunch Thursday in Springfield at the 350 Grill.

Drivers to lose right to appeal accident surcharges

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According to an article in today’s Boston Globe, Massachusetts motorists will lose their right to appeal surcharges imposed by insurance companies for auto accidents as of April 1, 2009. see article

Schools Closed Monday March 2

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All schools closed today- the morning commute is VERY hazardous- Drive slowly

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