The Granby Police Department is continuing to work in cooperation with local liquor establishments to curb the sale of alcohol that comes into the hands of minors.  Police officers working in plain clothes will be stationed at local package stores in an attempt to prevent alcohol purchases by minors.  These officers will also be attempting to stop adults who are purchasing alcohol and providing it to minors.  These enforcement activities have been funded by a grant from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.  The enforcement will be scheduled at varying times and will take place at varying locations.   Police officers will be enforcing several laws associated with alcohol sales to minors, possession or transportation of alcohol by minors, procuring alcohol for minors and also the use or possession of fake or false identification. These activities have been ongoing since January and police have found people violating the law. In those instances people have been charged. These planned enforcement activities will continue for the next couple of months. Anyone caught violating these laws will be prosecuted.