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Enjoy the Fourth of July- Safely

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Summer is here and soon we will be celebrating the Fourth of July.  In addition to   cookouts, trips to the beach, family outings and professional firewokks displays, a not-so-safe tradition is the unlawful use of fireworks. Not only is the possion of these items against the law, their use can be very dangerous. Did you know the following?


Fireworks pose a higher risk of fire death than any other consumer product – three times that of cigarettes.                  The fireworks that cause the most injuries are firecrackers, at 26 percent, followed by bottle rockets (21 percent) and sparklers (11 percent).                                                                                                                                                                                                 Almost half of those injured are children under 15.                                                                                                                                        Three-quarters of those injured are males.                                                                                                                                                   Bystanders are hurt more than the people igniting the fireworks.                                                                                                       The parts of the body most often injured are hands (32 percent), eyes (28 percent) and the head or face (16 percent). Sparklers get hot enough to melt gold.

SOURCES: National Fire Protection Agency, U.S. Eye Injury Registry, Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services

Enjoy the Fourth of July - leave the firewroks to the Professionals!

Fourth of July tribute to our Armed Forces

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A slideshow honoring our military

The SALT Council hosts the 15th annual Police/Senior cookout

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SALT Council member Charlette Lussier serves a  “customer”
at the first Police/Senior Cookout in 1995. 

Over 130 people attended the 15th annual Police/Senior cookout held last Tuesday at Dufresne Park. Police officers cooked the meal, and volunteers served the senriors who attended.   The SALT Council honored  Marion Roberts for her years of support to the Council by awarding a certificate for a local girl to attend Girls State in her honor.

Construction continues

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15th Annual S.A.L.T. Picnic next week.

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The Granby SALT Council will hold it’s 15th annual Police/Senior Cookout at Dufresne Park.  This event is open to all Granby Senior Citizens. Advance tickets are advised ( $1. each in advance - $5  the day of the event!)

Annual Charter Day Police/Fire Softball Game

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On Sunday the Police and Fire departments will be holding their  second annual benefit softball game as part of the Charter Day events. The game, held at 10 AM will raise funds for the Granby Council on Aging Fuel Assistance Program and Food pantry. Last years lopsided victory by  the Police Department  resulted in a rule change this year. The “winnner” will be the team that has the highest run total ADDED TO the most money collected as a donation.

Construction begins at new facility

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Construction  on the new Public Safety Comlex began after the official ground breaking ceremony was held last Friday. Virgilio Construction is doing the site work. Lashway Logging cleared the trees on Saturday.

Brief Power outage

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A home owner on South Street who was trimming branches caused a brief power outage today. Apparently a cut branch fll on a line at approximately 12:68 pm , according to National Grid. Power was restored at 1:28 aPM.  818 customers were affected. The traffic lights at 5 Corners were out for a short time.

Worker rescued from cell tower

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On June 3, 2009 at approximately 22:25, Granby Police Department and Granby Fire Department Personnel were dispatched to 143 West State St. to assist a utility worker that was stranded approximately 75 feet in the air, in an electric lift, on the side of a cell phone tower. The utility worker, John Stouffer (43), of Soudertown, Pa, an employee of Sitecom of Quakertown, Pa. was working from the lift, when the motor failed to lower the lift to the ground.  After assessing the situation the South Hadley Electric Light Department was notified and provided assistance. Mr. Stouffer was safely brought to the ground without incident at approximately 11:45 PM


High School Graduation this weekend- please celebrate responsibly

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This Saturday the Class of 2009 will graduate from Granby  JR/SR High. The Department would like to congratulate them on their achievement. Please be responsible in your celebration of this event. No one wants to see such an occasion end in tragedy

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