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School is opening- drive carefully

Posted by chief on 29 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: general


It seems hard to believe but summer vacation is over ! Starting Tuesday school busses will once again be on the move.  Children will be standing/walking along the side of the road during the early morning and mid-afternoon hours. PLEASE SLOW DOWN. Remember you MUST stop when the school bus has activated it’s flashing lights.

In the immediate vicinity of the schools,  West Street and Rte 202 both have designated school zones when the lights are flashing. The speed limit in a school zone is 20 MPH.   The Department  WILL BE RUNNING RADAR at those locations- SLOW DOWN!  Also- all three schools have clearly marked FIRE LANES . NO PARKING is allowed in those zones per order of the Fire Department. Vehicles can be ticketed and towed.

Tree Blocks North Street

Posted by chief on 23 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: general


Saturdays thunderstorms weakened a tree on North Street, which fell and blocked both travel lanes as well as knocking out power to the entire street.Granby Highway Department works and National Grid were on the scene early this morning removing the tree and restoring power.

Hurricane season is here

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Although we are failry lucky here in new England as Hurricanes are few and far between, it is inevitable that we will be hit with a Hurricane in thie area. MEMA offers tips on hurricane preparedness on their web page .

Is your number up?

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One of the most frustrating  parts of an emergency resp0nders job is to be responding to a reported emergency- and not being able to find the location! The SALT Council years ago began an aggressive house numbering program to assist police/fire/ambulance personell in locating addresses. For a nominal $5.00 fee the Council on Aging will assemble the number and provide the necessary hardware and post. The Auxiliary Police Department have agreed to install the numbers. If  your house number is not readily visible please contact the COA at 467-3239, and inquire about participating in the program. Help us find you when you need us!