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Drug overdose leads to arrest

Posted by chief on 28 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: general


 A 17 year old Granby girl was hospitalized with a reported drug overdose at approximately 3:30 pm Wednesday. After an invesigation, a serach warrant was executed at 107 North Street, and  Owen J Rhicard 19 years old of   53  Meadow St Florence, MA. was arrrested and charged with distribution of a CLass D substance, and possession with intent to distribute a class D substance.

What Parents need to know about Teen Sexting

Posted by chief on 25 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: general


Technology is a great thing. Information is readily available, and communication is instantaneous. Unfortunately technology can also get the unsuspecting into real trouble, real fast.

“Sexting ” a combination of sex and text messaging, has become all too common with teenagers across the Country  including those here in Granby.

This behavior includes sending text messages with sexual overtones and sometimes includes the teen sending naked pictures of themselves or friends via cell phone or computer. Although the teens may consider this harmless behavior, similar to flirting, there can be some serious repercussions to the behavior. Once they hit “transmit” they have lost total control over the destination of their message or picture.

We have had instances in Town where pictures of underage teens have been posted on internet. Once there, they can exist forever. Some of these pictures have been circulated as a form of bullying, other times as a form of sexual harassment. There have been instances in other parts of the country where the circulation of these pictures have caused teen suicide due to embarrassment. Sometimes the teens send information and pictures to people they do not know, that they have met only “on-line” through sites like Facebook, My space, Youthink, or in chat rooms. Teens forget how easy it is to pretend to be someone else on these sites and often think they are talking to peers, and in reality they are talking to predators.

Legally, provocative pictures of children under the age of 18 is
considered “Child pornography” and is a felony, as is dissemination of that material. Unfortunately the law does not take into account the age of the offender. Distribution, including telephone and computer transmission, of naked pictures to a teen is illegal, even if it is their own picture.

What can parents do? Talk to your teen. Stress the seriousness of this type of behavior and its potential ramifications. Monitor their phone use as you should their computer use. If you desire more information please feel free to contact School Resource Officer James White, Detective Barbara Fenn at the Granby PD (467-9222) or School Counselors.
For further information on line:




Amherst Street Fire

Posted by chief on 18 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: general


The Police Department received a 9-1-1 call at 4:34pm Sunday concerning a garage fire at 63 Amherst Street. Responding units found that a snowmobile had caught fire inside the garage.  When fire units arrived the snowmobile had been removed and was fully engulfed. There was a small fire inside the garage. Both were extinguished by 4:45pm and units cleared 5:09 pm.

Parking Ban In effect as of 10 pm

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The winter parking ban is in effect as of 10 Pm until further notice. NO ON STREET PARKING is allowed. Vehicles in violation may be towed at the opwners expense. On Street parking inhibits snow removal. Thank you for your cooperation

Granby Web Blog chosen as one of the top 10 police blog sites!

Posted by chief on 13 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: general


 We were  recently notified that Granby Police Web Blog was chosen to be in the top ten Police Web Blogs in the Country by “Careers in Criminal Justice”.

Truck strikes School Street house

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A truck carrying the US Mail struck a residence on School Street just after 6 am on Saturday. The Operator was cited for operating after suspension of licnese and failure to stay within marked lanes. No one was injured in the collision. See press release.

On street parking ban in effect

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The on street parking ban is in effect for the balance of the snow “event”. No on street parking is allowed- vehicles may be towed.