On September 16, 2011 at approximately 7:07 pm, Granby Police, Fire and Ambulance Personnel were dispatched to Aldrich Lake, off of Amherst St. for a capsized canoe. Upon arrival officers from the Police Department were sent to the east side of the lake, towards Trout Lily Lane, and they were told there were two people in the canoe and it was believed only one knew how to swim. As Officer Kurt Carpenter proceeded down a path along the lake, he came across one person and asked if he was in the canoe. The witness responded that he was not but he witnessed the incident and told him the canoe had been flipped back over and the two parties were back in it. Officer Carpenter made contact with the parties and advised them to come to shore. Upon arrival to shore, Mr. Jason Spear, of Granby, and a juvenile were checked by ambulance personnel and refused treatment. At this time, it was also confirmed that there were only two people in the canoe at the time of the incident.