November 2014

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Parking Ban in Effect November 26th at 2PM

Posted by Sgt O on 26 Nov 2014 | Tagged as: general


The Town of Granby would like to announce that the Parking Ban will be in effect from 2pm today, November 26th, until tomorrow at noon. This means that there is no on-street parking allowed.

Town of Granby (MA) Full-time Dispatcher opening

Posted by Sgt O on 13 Nov 2014 | Tagged as: general


The Granby Police Department is in the process of hiring a full time dispatcher. Dispatchers are Union employees. Accordingly they pay dues and are subject to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. The starting pay for a fulltime dispatcher is approximately $34,300. Starting benefits currently include two weeks vacation, three personal days, paid sick leave, clothing allowance and education benefits.

Granby dispatch is an E911 PSAP that utilizes PowerPhone EMD protocols. Prior dispatch training and employment is preferred but not mandatory.

Interested applicants need to fill out an application and provide a letter of interest to Chief of Police Alan Wishart no later than December 1st at 12:00PM. Applicants are encouraged to supply a resume’ and letters of recommendation. Applications are available online at or at the Granby Public Safety complex located at 259A East State Street, Granby, MA.

Questions regarding this position can be emailed to