July 2016

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Officers Respond to Alarm Call, Alert Resident Provides Key Information, Suspect Apprehended a Short Time Later

Posted by Sgt O on 27 Jul 2016 | Tagged as: general


On July 26, 2016 at approximately 22:15, the Granby Police Department received a burglar alarm call for 367 East State St., Vicker’s Liquors. Upon arrival the first officer on scene reported that the door glass was broken and it appeared that a large rock had been thrown through the window. Once officers cleared the building and confirmed the suspect had left the scene, a resident in the area flagged them down. The resident reported seeing a small red vehicle enter the parking lot and a male party exit the vehicle. The resident said he knew the business had already closed for the night so he was just watching the vehicle. The resident reported hearing the glass shatter and the alarm going off. At this time, the resident went a little closer to the business and was able to obtain a license plate of the vehicle. The resident provided the plate to the officers on scene and a BOLO (Be on the Look Out) was issued for the plate. In the meantime, a second resident reported that he observed a vehicle in the driveway of Vicker’s Liquors as he went by. He then reported the vehicle pulled out behind him with his headlights off and sped by him. The resident was able to provide the first three digits of the plate. A short time later, the vehicle was stopped by the Springfield Police Department. The first witness positively identified the suspect, Mr. Julio Reillo age 49 of 43 Lancashire Rd. Springfield. Mr. Reillo was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime for a Felony, and Larceny over $250.00. Mr. Reillo is scheduled to be arraigned this morning at the Eastern Hampshire District Court in Belchertown. The case is being investigated by Sgt. Steve Marion, Det. Barbara Fenn, Officer Ryan Senecal, and Officer Wade DuBois.

Granby Police Department Receives 911 Training Grant

Posted by Sgt O on 13 Jul 2016 | Tagged as: general


The Granby Police Department has been rewarded $19,768.67 for the FY2017 911 Training Grant. This money will be used to keep all employees in compliance with the required training to answer the 911 system.  This training will include Emergency Medical Dispatch and training on the new 911 System, NexGen911.