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Press Release from Granby Police and Granby Public Schools

Posted by Sgt O on 24 Feb 2018 | Tagged as: general


On the evening of February 20th a reporting party notified the Granby High School Administration that a 14-year-old male had threatened to assault another juvenile via social media. As part of the same social media communications, it was further reported that the juvenile suspect also posted a picture that included three handguns on a kitchen counter. The juvenile’s identity is not being released due to his age. He is a resident of Granby and is enrolled at Granby Jr/Sr High School.

The School Administration promptly reported the incident to the Granby Police Department. Members of the police department began investigating the incident and located the reported guns in question at the juvenile’s home the same night. The guns were all pellet/bb guns. Granby Police took custody of the pellet guns. The School Administration took steps to inform the juvenile in question that he was not allowed on school grounds. The investigation continued and it was determined the juvenile later made threats against people who he believed reported the incident. It should be noted that it is school vacation week. None of these incidents mentioned in the press release occurred on school grounds and there is no reason to believe any of the weapons were on the school campus.

On the afternoon of February 22nd the Police Department and School Administration learned of more threats that were posted by the suspect. This time the threats were directed at a different person/ witness. Witnesses also reported that the suspect made threats about shooting up the school. The investigation continued and resulted with the Police Department seeking an arrest warrant for the juvenile male on February 23rd. The warrant charged the following listed crimes.

1. Threat to commit a crime (assault and battery)

2. Threat to commit a crime (murder)

3. Intimidation of a witness

The juvenile was arrested the same day by Granby Police and transported to the Hampshire Juvenile Court for arraignment. The juvenile was held in custody until a dangerousness hearing scheduled for some time next week. The investigation is ongoing and could include additional charges.

The Granby School Department and Police Department have been working together from the beginning of this series of events to ensure a safe outcome for all.

School support staff will be available at the school next week for any staff or students who need assistance. The police department will also increase its presence at all the schools to help provide support.

The Police Department and School Department applaud the efforts and bravery of all the witnesses and parents who came forward to inform us of these serious concerns. We will continue to work together. We will always take these types of situations seriously and deal with them accordingly.

Parking Ban in Effect Tonight Beginning at 6 PM

Posted by Sgt O on 17 Feb 2018 | Tagged as: general


The Town of Granby would like to announce that there will be a Parking Ban in effect beginning tonight February 17th at 6 pm, until tomorrow afternoon, February 18th at noon. This means that there is no on-street parking allowed.


Posted by Sgt O on 07 Feb 2018 | Tagged as: general


The police department is excited to announce that as of February 7, 2018 Granby Dispatch will be directly taking all of our own wireless (cell phone) 911 calls. Prior to this change, a person in Granby who dialed 911 from a cell phone would first speak with the State Police dispatch center and then be rerouted to our dispatchers. This change will direct all the 911 cell phone calls in Granby to our dispatch center first eliminating the need for the State Police transfer. In short, it will get you emergency services quicker by eliminating multiple dispatchers handing off the call.

Parking Ban in effect Beginning at 10am Today

Posted by Sgt O on 07 Feb 2018 | Tagged as: general


The Town of Granby would like to announce that there will be a Parking Ban in effect beginning this morning, February 7th at 10 am, until Thursday morning, February 8th at 8am. This means that there is no on-street parking allowed.