March 2020

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Parking Ban in Effect Beginning This Afternoon at 2pm

Posted by Sgt O on 23 Mar 2020 | Tagged as: general

The Town of Granby would like to announce that there will be a Parking Ban in effect beginning this afternoon, March 23rd at 2pm, until tomorrow March 24th at noon. This means that there is no on-street parking allowed.

Summer Basketball Camp Registration

Posted by Sgt O on 19 Mar 2020 | Tagged as: general

We will not be accepting summer basketball camp registrations at this time. We are not cancelling the camps yet. If the COVID-19 situation rectifies in time we will stay on schedule and will open up the registrations at the appropriate time. Camp capacity is not a concern. There will be a space for your child should you decide to have them attend. It just doesn’t make sense for us to take registrations and payments under the current conditions only to have to issue refund checks. Refunds will be issued to those who have already paid. We are just pressing the pause button for now. Stay well! GPD.

COVID -19 Information and Expected Changes.

Posted by Sgt O on 17 Mar 2020 | Tagged as: general

Granby Police Department

March 17, 2020

COVID -19 information and expected changes.

This update is sent to inform residents that we have been monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic and have been working to change and adapt our practices to address the effects of this evolving serious concern.

We have already taken steps to help minimize the possibility that our employees are exposed to the virus and also to lessen any chance that we might unintentionally expose members of the public. Our goal is to remain healthy so we can respond and help citizens in true emergencies and in immediate life-threatening situations.

In response to this pandemic we have made some temporary adjustments to what we respond to and how we respond.

Temporarily, and until further notice, we will no longer be responding to non-life threatening medical calls. Those medical calls would include falls, transports, lift assists, flu/cold like symptoms etc. In essence, any call that is not an immediate life threatening situation. In those situations we will respond to the area and be ready to assist ambulance personnel if safety is a concern.

To be clear, we will always respond to serious or life-threatening emergencies regardless of nature of the call (heart attacks, strokes, people choking or unresponsive, etc.)

We will also be attempting to take citizen reports over the phone or outside a person’s residence if possible. The idea is to avoid close personal contact with as many people as possible. Please keep in mind the intent of these temporary changes is to keep our emergency workforce healthy so we can respond to urgent and lifesaving responses when they arise.

We will also be looking to minimize situations that require bringing the public into the cruisers or the public safety complex unless it’s necessary. Public use of our conference room is also temporarily suspended. The Public Safety Complex will be locked per the suggestion of the Board of Health and at the direction of the Select Board. Please call the public safety complex (413) 467-9222 if you need to speak with an officer or a dispatcher. Please call 911 if you have an emergency. The public safety complex is equipped with a call box to the left of the main entrance door that will allow people that show up at the complex to speak with a dispatcher and to be let in if necessary.

We are working out alternative means for residents to get documents they need from us and vice versa. Residents can also email us with any questions or public document requests.

You may also see officers wearing different types of protective gear such as gloves, masks and gowns when they respond to calls. Please understand that if you see us wearing protective gear or it seems like we are trying to limit close personal contact, we are doing so out of an abundance of caution.

We are all in this together and we will get through it. We all look forward to getting back to business as usual. Until then, please understand these changes are necessary and temporary.

Emergency: dial 911

Business: (413) 467-9222


Mailing address:

Granby Police Department

259A East State Street

Granby, MA 01033

Temporary Change to LTC Renewals and New Applications

Posted by Sgt O on 16 Mar 2020 | Tagged as: general

This change is being implemented due to the recent outbreak of the COVID 19 virus. This will limit the amount of people coming in to the Public Safety Complex at any given time, and reduce any unnecessary contact between citizens. Please use the following guidelines below to apply for your new application or renewal of your existing FID or LTC. At this time, the department will not be accepting walk-in appointments or applications being dropped off.

Print off the application from the state website and complete it. Please use this link to get the application

Mail the completed application to the police department 259A East State St., along with a check or money order payable to the Town of Granby, for $100.00 (Renewals for residents over 70 year of age are free), there are also a couple more exceptions that don’t effect most citizens. If you have any questions about those please contact the department before mailing your application. Please also enclose a photo copy of your driver’s license and your expiring FID or LTC. (If this is a new application please include a photo copy of your driver’s license and the Training Certificate with the Massachusetts State Police Seal on it, proving you completed the course). On the application please provide the phone number that is easiest to reach you at.

Once the application is received at the station, Lieutenant O’Grady and Sergeant Poehler will review the application and start the process for your new/renewal FID or LTC. They will then contact you by phone and set up a time for you to come in and be photographed, fingerprinted if necessary, and review you application.

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact the department at 413-467-9222.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time.