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Granby Police Administer Narcan After Being Called to an Overdose

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On November 1, 2015 at approximately 17:38, Granby Ambulance Personnel and Granby Police Personnel were dispatched to the CVS Parking Lot at 70 West State St. for a reported unresponsive male. The caller reported that a male party had possibly overdosed. When Sergeant Gary Poehler and Auxiliary Officer Ryan Barthelette arrived they located the unresponsive male in the passenger seat of a vehicle. He was unresponsive and not breathing. Officers spoke with the driver of the vehicle and learned that the patient had recently used heroin. A dose of nasal Narcan was administered by the police officers and the male party began breathing and regained consciousness. Granby Ambulance Personnel arrived and care for the patient was transferred to them. Narcan is a drug that counteracts the effects of opiate use. The Granby Police began carrying the lifesaving medication in December 2014. All officers have been trained in its use. Funds for the medication were provided through a program started by the Northwestern District Attorney’s office.

Granby Police Department to Host a RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Class

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The Granby Police Department will be hosting a RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Class beginning on Monday October 19th. Please click on the link below to view the flyer. To print off a copy of the registration form, please go back to the home page of the Granby Police Department website www.granbypd.org and scroll to the bottom of the page.


Halloween Trick or Treating

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The Granby Police and Fire Departments, as well as the Granby School Department would like to invite children and parents to join us for  Halloween Party on October 30, 2015. Please click on the link below to view the flyer.


Press Release From Chief Wishart

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September 18, 2015

The situation regarding Chief Francis Fox has placed my officer, my department and me in a situation that has been depicted inaccurately. I have received several questions and criticisms and have tried to answer them all in a responsible and honest manner.

Some questions remain that I believe need to be explained. First, why didn’t I disclose this incident to the Town of Belchertown? I fully expected this to come out and believed it would be relatively soon after the incident. It did not occur that way. The department did not take any steps to keep this public record any more secret than any other report related to a citizen’s behavior. We do not make a practice of calling people’s employers when we deal with them in public regardless of who we are dealing with. The level of detail in the officer’s report shows there was no attempt to cover it up either by the officer or the department.

Another criticism we’ve received as of late is related to the emails I received from Chief Fox. The emails from Chief Fox regarding the incident were sent to me when I was out of state on vacation. I did not reply in writing, instead I called him. As I have said from the beginning of this, and prior to the emails being released, I did speak with him over the phone and expressed my displeasure with the situation on several levels. Those emails were released to a member of the local media after a proper request for public information was made and not for any other reason. To suggest that because the emails exist, members of my department and I condoned the alleged behavior or are part of a conspiracy to cover it up is not an accurate account of the situation.

The Granby Police Department has consistently admitted that an arrest would have been preferred in this situation. It didn’t happen and we can’t change that. We have addressed the situation with our members. Our officer was placed in a difficult and stressful situation and made a decision. While that decision has led to some skepticism about what he or we didn’t do, we stand by his honesty and integrity for documenting what he did do and for removing any threat to public safety that may have existed.

As an employee of this police department for the last 19 years, as the Chief and as a resident I am proud of all the women and men of this department for continuing to professionally serve the Town’s residents with honesty and integrity. We have always strived to provide a high level of professional service and will continue to do so. We will not let one incident define who we are or effect the professional service we provide.

Alan Wishart

Chief of Police

Granby Police Department Press Release

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September 9, 2015

The Granby Police Department recently released a police report that documented a motor vehicle stop which occurred in Granby in February of this year. The incident involved Chief Francis Fox of the Belchertown Police Department. This incident has brought up several questions from the press and the public alike.

The officer who stopped Chief Fox was placed in an awkward and compromising position. He made a discretionary decision in a stressful situation that involved a high ranking police official from another department. The officer called a supervisor after the incident was complete and documented the incident in a very detailed and specific manner. The department has reviewed the incident and spoken with the officer about our response. The report was initially released pursuant to a request for public information.

Neither the officer, nor the department has made any attempt to hide or minimize our actions on that day. The officer’s decision was based on prioritizing public safety. The report was made available at the first public request.

We understand the officer’s decision not to arrest Fox may not have been the preferred or even the popular method. He did however, locate the caller and vehicle, stopped it, removed the public safety threat and documented his actions thoroughly. He did so in a situation that involved an influential person in an uncomfortable and somewhat confrontational situation.

While the outcome of this incident is not perfectly in line with the preferred response to this type of situation, it is an example of how the Granby Police Department and its personnel have prioritized transparency in our operations.

The Granby Board of Health has issued the following Health Advisory

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9-2-15**Health Advisory

****Please be advised two (2) raccoons tested positive for rabies that were found at Dufresne Park. Please make sure that your pet is on a leash and DO NOT approach any wild life.****

Click on the website below to view information on rabies.


Granby Police to Participate In National Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Mobilization

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The Granby Police Department announced today that officers will be out in full force over the next few weeks in a continued effort to stop impaired driving, and promote traffic safety, in support of the national Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over mobilization, funded by a federal grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) administered through the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Highway Safety Division.  The focus of the increased patrols is to combine extra traffic enforcement, provide public information, and community outreach to reduce motor vehicle-related fatalities, injuries and economic loss.

(Revised) Road Work May Cause Traffic Delays or Temporary Road Closures Beginning Tuesday July 28th

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The Town of Granby Highway Department announced today that they will begin roadwork on Tuesday July 28th, a day earlier than previously announced. They will be working on Easton St. and Batchelor St. that week. They will then be moving over to Pleasant St., in the area between Rte. 202 and East St.. Once a date is confirmed for the Pleasant St. project it will be posted here.

The Granby Police Department has Been Awarded 911 Training and Equipment Grant

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The Granby Police Department has been awarded $19,140 for the Fiscal Year 2016 911 Training and Equipment Grant. Before an employee of the Department can answer a 911 call they must attend 80 hours of Training in the 911 system. Part of the 80 hours is Emergency Medical Dispatching, which teaches the call taker to ask certain questions depending on the emergency and they can relay this information to responders and also ask the caller to assist the person in distress by offering instructions on how to care for the party until help arrives. The 911 call taker also has the ability to instruct a person on how to perform CPR. Once a call taker is certified to answer 911 they most take 16 hours of Continuing Education Training to maintain their certification. The Grant will be used to pay for these trainings as well as to update the Emergency Medical Dispatch Cards the call takers use.

Road Work May Cause Traffic Delays or Temporary Road Closures Beginning Wednesday July 29th

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The Town of Granby Highway Department will begin roadwork on Wednesday July 29th. They will be working on Easton St. and Batchelor St. that week. They will then be moving over to Pleasant St., in the area between Rte. 202 and East St.. Once a date is confirmed for the Pleasant St. project it will be posted here.

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